What to See in Tequila Jalisco Mexico

A tour to Tequila is the perfect excuse for you to spend your next vacation in Jalisco lands. Prepare your bags and jump! Meet the most emblematic villages and farms in the production of tequila. You can travel alone or on tour. It’s up to you ! The route of tequila is waiting to surprise you.

As if that was not enough, Amatitlan has other sites considered as cultural heritage. The narrow alleys lead to the main square. also knows the Taberna de los Tepetates, the home of tequila. The agave fields Amatitán Valley offer one of the most beautiful landscapes in the region. The Tequilera route is perfect for eco-tourism activities.

Mexico Jalisco Tequila Valley

Find out why UNESCO named the agave landscape as a World Heritage Site.

This tourist Tequila tour has it all: stunning scenery, history, tradition, magical towns and of course, tequila. Dare to discover the magic that Guadalajara has to offer in a different way on the route of tequila tour.


Tequila Sauza Grandparents
Sauza Family Museum (William Black Guayabera)
houses tequileras

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* Know the magical town of Tequila Jalisco

Knowing that
Just in a mountainous area, where the wind crosses the earth and the sun shines on a blue-green sea of agaves, Tequila is located.

Tequillan, “place of tributes” in Nahuatl, is located in the downtown area of the State of Jalisco, approximately 45 minutes north of the city of Guadalajara, at the foot of the Sierra de Tequila.

chichimecas indigenous Otomi and Nahuatl, ancient inhabitants of great character and spirit, left a historical legacy that still lives among the people of this valley, heirs of customs and traditions of the memory of Meztli persists, the moon, to which these people spend the most magical plant of this land: the agave.

Attractions Tequila Tour

Tequila a story that relishes through the blue agave distillate tequilana breathe. Mayahuetl heritage, agaves, distillation, tradition and legend are intertwined with the history of this magical town.


Tequila barrels Añejando
Tequila barrels Añejando
This wonderful destination is not only the birthplace of the most famous drink of Mexico, but has become a must for those visiting Guadalajara tourist attraction. The endless rows of agaves give the town an ethereal appearance, which contrasts with the joy that is felt in the streets and fields.

Walking in Tequila, it is a unique experience. Visit the agave fields framed by the spectacular emerald landscape and then explore one of the distillery and meet the unique production process of aguardiente, represent a settling of magic and tradition, inviting you to visit and witness its natural, historical and architectural treasures . Tequila, the friendliness of its people towards visitors breathe.

In the center of this magical town, full of history and tradition, you can visit the monument to the Defenders of Tequila, the Temple of Santiago Apostle or Fifth Sauza. Finally there is much to learn during this tour of Tequila but not my aburriles end this blog, rather, I invite you to make this journey with your local expert.